Paul Sultan

Paul Sultan

Software Developer

Personal Profile

A technical artist looking to collaborate in writing practical, well designed software in visual effects. My days are spent digging around APIs and technical documentation trying to find novel ways to benefit production.

Work Experience


SVA, Adjunct Professor

Sep 18 - Present

Teach Programming for Animators: a crash course in Python along with how it can be used to enhance Maya and other visual effects software.


CHRLX, Software Developer

Aug 13 - Present

Manage code repository, renderfarm, database and intranet applications. Write custom scripts for 3D and 2D applications. Research and develop new tools to enhance production.


Psyop, Software Developer

Apr 10 - Feb 13

Developed pipeline scripts, plug-ins, and UIs for client jobs and internal codebase. Updated and maintained companywide code used on nearly all projects. Managed application's initialization and integration with the renderfarm.


Gravity, Technical Director Intern

May 09 - Jul 09

Developed Houdini dynamics and L-systems for film pitches. Created and upgraded MEL, pyMEL, and Python production scripts. Revised scenes with lighting and rendering glitches.


NYU CADA, Technical Assistant

Jan 07 - May 09

Checked out and supported pro audio/video equipment and reference material. Troubleshot student's and teacher's hardware and software problems on Mac, IBM, HP, and BOXX systems.

Click 3X

Click 3X, Junior Systems Admin

Oct 08 - Dec 08

Modeled, textured, and rendered 3D assets. Supported IT management by archiving and restoring data tapes of HD footage on Unix machines, as well as contributed to full network expansion.


HBO, Technical Operations Intern

Jun 08 - Aug 08

Assisted senior graphics artists with Final Cut, After Effects and Flame projects. Created animations for HBO's producers. Revised and tested files for consistent quality and render times.


NYU Teacher's Assistant

Sep 06 - Apr 08

Presented and graded course material on Java, HTML and PHP. Scheduled and rented film/photographic equipment to students. Prepared lab rooms and materials for professors and guest presenters.

Programming Experience

  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • wxWidgets
  • Qt/pySide
  • MEL/pyMEL
  • Git/SVN
  • Unix/Linux

Software Experience

  • Maya
  • Nuke
  • MotionBuilder
  • Houdini